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The Müritz with an area of 117km ² is the largest lake in Germany. Its maximum depth amounts to 33m; however the average depth is only 6 m. The north-south expansion reaches up to 29 km and the largest east-west expansion is 13 km. The average sea-mirror height is 62.5 m above mean sea level. The town of Waren (Müritz) is situated on its north bank and is the centre of the Mecklenburg Lake District. Additional lakes in the immediate vicinity are the Tiefwarensee, the Feisneck and the Herrensee. Approximately 400 km of walking trails in and around Waren, as well as, the closeness of the Müritz National Park deserve a particular mention. Naturally the water sports enthusiasts also get their money’s worth. Sailing, surfing or simply swimming. Many things are possible.

There is really something for every taste. Shipping companies offer sea excursions. The Müritz circular route has a length of 82 km. If you include the cycle and walking routes around the "Kleine Müritz" (small Müritz Lake), the length increases to 107 km.

The Mecklenburg Lake District is the largest coherent Lakeland area, with interconnected and passable channels, in Central Europe.

Unique features:

  • glacial landscape
  • Müritz National Park
  • Nature Park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath
  • Nature Park Mecklenburger Schweiz (Mecklenburg’s Switzerland) and the Kummerower lake

This unspoilt paradise landscape lies directly at the gates of the city: the Müritz National Park; founded in 1990, covers an area of 322 square kilometres, two thirds of which is forest area. The largely intact habitat is famous for its sea eagle and osprey and for thousands of cranes, which rest here in the spring and autumn. The black storks and cormorants, red deer, fallow deer and wild pigs also feel at home in the beech groves, oak forests and pinewoods.

The gentle, hilly countryside with enormous glaciers was formed during the Ice Age, over 20,000 years ago. It is interwoven with hundreds of lakes, moor lands, meadows and pastures. More than 700 types of fern and flowering plants, more than 800 kinds of butterflies and 43 sorts of dragonflies provide enchanting natural spectacles. Visitors to the Müritz National Park can explore the park via over 600 kilometres of cycling and walking routes.

The offers for active holiday-makers, in and around Waren, leaves almost nothing to be desired: bowling alleys, fitness studios, riding stables, diving and surfing schools, boat hire and chartering, swimming and leisure pools, tennis courts and a large golf resort. There are also four bathing beaches and numerous hidden bays, located at over one hundred lakes in the region, which offer every sun craving visitor a quiet spot. Visitors can also experience the friendly and colourful side of the region in autumn. Anyone who has taken part in an evening guided tour to the rut or the migration of thousands of cranes is thoroughly enraptured. Many prominent people have not only recently discovered the beauty of the Mecklenburg landscape. For example, in 1896, the poet, Theodor Fontane wrote, a letter to his friend in which he raved and recommended our bathing resort to his friends and acquaintances. We are sure that you would also do the same.



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